WAKE TSI Moves Marketing Firm to the Cloud

FVM Strategic Communications is an advertising and marketing firm located in the Philadelphia suburbs. They are a full service agency B-to-B agency specializing in digital advertising; brand strategy and articulation; web design and development; video production; campaign reporting and metrics. It is a growing firm with minimal IT resources.

The Situation

Prior to WAKE TSI’s involvement, the IT environment was in complete disarray. Not only were there known operational issues, there were a number of issues that the client was not aware of lurking in the shadows. They needed to migrate to a controlled environment that was easily managed on a single platform.

The Result

Upon assessing the situation, WAKE TSI managed moving collocated servers to a cloud environment. We now manage their server environment and provide troubleshooting and strategic guidance in terms of  infrastructure. This reduced server infrastructure costs, increased security, and allowed increased time to focus on core business initiatives instead of managing IT.

Key Achievements

  • Hardened server environment
  • Provided cost contained IT
  • Provided scalable and robust infrastructure

“We look to WAKE TSI when we have issues that we don’t have the time or resources to solve. They manage various parts of our environment and always work to keep our cost contained.”

Jordy Pickel, Director of Development