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The sudden or unexpected loss of an IT executive or professional can cause a chain reaction that extends throughout the organization. It can affect your operational, financial, or even clinical performance. When this situation arises, you need someone to step in who can “hit the ground running”. So when experience and expedience are equally vital, a senior level Interim Executive is the ideal solution. And WAKE TSI is ready. Our experts can step in, assess your situation and immediately begin to identify and address your most difficult challenges, allowing you breathing room to search for the right permanent professional for your position.

The key to deploying a successful senior level Interim Leader is matching his or her skills and experience to your unique situation. Here’s where WAKE TSI is uniquely prepared to answer the call. We will draw from our staff of seasoned IT professionals, in an Interim CIO, CTO, Director or Manager capacity, with more than 20 years of executive IT experience. Each one is a professional who has made a long-term commitment to short-term assignments. And every Interim Executive is also backed by the entire WAKE TSI team, including Best Practices gained from decades of IT management experience.

Whether you’re facing a current IT leadership void, require staff augmentation, or you just want WAKE TSI to be ready when the situation arises, find out more about the Interim Executive Leadership solutions available from WAKE TSI.