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We at WAKE Technology Services Inc (WAKE TSI) help companies use technology to their advantage. Help identifying an issue? A project? Ongoing tech support? At WAKE TSI we truly listen to our customers to understand your business and tailor products and services that improve your technology cost & benefits.

How do clients define the success of a consulting engagement? For our clients, it’s pretty straightforward: deliver what you promised.

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Actual Value in After Hours IT Support

The pleasurable things that we experience in life are often not tied to the specific action themselves, but rather the hidden benefits. These are the things that we are truly seeking. The encounters that make our brain flood with dopamine and undergo a sense of enjoyment. Think of your favorite activity that you enjoy on  … Read more

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Welcome to the new WAKE TSI website. Check back frequently for updates.

Getting Ready to Buy a Server? WHY???

I had the radio on for background noise and a commercial came on from a local IT services company touting that they will build servers for small businesses. I was sure that I misheard the commercial and waited for it to be replayed. I heard it correctly. They were indeed targeting the small business community to build them servers.

This is wrong on so many levels.

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