Success Stories

How do clients define the success of a consulting engagement? For our clients, it’s pretty straightforward: deliver what you promised. Over the years, we have done exactly that—and we’ve consistently saved clients money.

Architecture and Engineering

When the hospital U.S.News &World Report ranked as the best in the nation for children kicked off a multi-year, multi-phased expansion project, WAKE TSI principals managed the Phase One plan from concept to construction, and developed a reliable methodology for in-house staff to oversee future project phases. These formal processes were used in subsequent construction projects, and the hospital saved more than $550,000 on each of its next 7 major construction projects.

Strategic Planning

By consolidating four regional data centers into one “Super Center” for a health system in northern New York, WAKE TSI principals reduced the annual costs by 30%, saving the organization $600,000 per year.

WAKE TSI helped a top-ranked children’s hospital save $2.2 million on a 3-year disaster recovery contract by building the client’s own high availability, Hot Site Data Center rather than renewing the existing contract.

Immediate Project Assistance

WAKE TSI managed an Enterprise Monitoring RFP for a School of Medicine U.S.News & World Report ranks among the nation’s Top 10. The RFP management, and subsequent negotiations, enabled the client to average overall savings that were 58% off list price. For legacy products, the client received 76% off list pricing. In total, the delighted client saved over $547,000.