Dwindling Reimbursements

Dwindling Reimbursements

Combat the 800 LB Gorilla in the Room Smarter and Harder

The saying “time equals money” has never applied more to the small-medium sized physician practice than at this particular time in history. Especially with the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Physicians are complaining about shrinking reimbursement rates (rightfully so) and the physician practice is having to treat an increased amount of patients in the same amount of office time. Practices need to provide quality care to their patients while being concerned about their bottom line. This means that their billable hours must go up and the level of care must not suffer.

Quite a daunting task

If you have doubts about this just ask your local physician if you need further explanation!

With increased stresses in the healthcare practice space, the practice staff does not have time to worry about maintaining their IT infrastructure. At the same time technology is driving the future of the healthcare world.

Outsourcing the IT environment to an expert healthcare IT company is a way that physician practices can ensure that their mission critical systems are operating at full functionality and that they will not have to deal with technology issues when they occur. There is one thing that we can count on with technology … at some point in time, it will break, malfunction, or cost us time (and money). In order to ensure that these systems are operating in the most effective manner they should be architected, designed, and maintained by an IT entity with years of experience. And when things do go wrong they should not have to waste the practice staff’s valuable time fixing them.

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