Vendors Are Waking Up

Vendors Are Waking Up

Finally!!! Vendors are waking up – There are tangible, measurable benefits to HIPAA compliant, secure communications. They all promote their features but have left it up to the hospitals to figure out the payback. Who wants to dump significant dollars into an enterprise solution without knowing the potential upside?

WAKE TSI works with all the major secure communications vendors. In this case, our friends at TigerText have published a use case paper that include benefits. Check it out here. We have seen these types of benefits realized by our clients.

However, I think they missed a few benefits like completely removing pagers from the environment along with their inherent security issues and recurring costs; Getting rid of two-way radios; and Reducing clinical alarm fatigue. And it’s more than that. A well developed secure communication strategy will look at more than doctors sending texts to one another. You need to evaluate every communication workflow in the organization to see if efficiencies can be gained.

Optimized Workflow = Cost Savings!

Let us help show you the benefits you can gain through a HIPAA Compliant, Secure Communication Strategy.